X5 is formulated using Vitamin B, a new age Biostimulant that helps plants recover faster from diseases and environmental stress. Plants infected by pests and diseases a loose lot of vital energy, they need higher metabolism to generate more food so that they can regain their vitality and continue with their physiological functions. The use of Vitamin B as a bio- 3 stimulant is a new feature of X5 that is essential in all cells for energy production, metabolism, and DNA repairs. Inclusion of Vitamin B in X5 shows the faster recovery of plants from diseases. when applied at the onset of the disease. Higher metabolism ensures more plant functions resulting in more yields. Vitamin B, also helps plants to tolerate Saline Stress and grow in saline soils.


10 ml Glass Ampoule

Recommended No. of Applications


Stage Wise Recommended Application

Apply along with Pesticides and Fungicides for Faster Plant Recovery. Can be applied alone for Boosting Plant Metabolism and increasing Physiological functions. X5 Can be applies during all stages of the plants life cycle.

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What's Unique ?

X5 comes in a 10 ml glass ampoule which helps in retaining the purity and efficacy of the active ingredient. The shelf life is also extended. X5 can work as a Booster Bio-Stimulant, Disease recovery agent as well as immunity booster against environmental and Salinity stress. It can be used in all stages of the crop’s life cycle and can be used in all types of crops. It can be mixed with all types of pesticides and fungicides. The ultra-low dose of X5 helps in reducing Storage, Handling, and Transportation costs.


Plant Recovery

Vitamin B is responsible for DNA repair and increase metabolic rate. Plants recover faster with X5 and it revitalizes the plants thereby increasing productivity and Yields!


Vitamin B is known to boost the performance of crops by increasing energy production. It helps in optimizing all physiological functions at given stage. X5 can be used as a Booster Bio-stimulant to increase productivity!

Saline Stress

Plants are susceptible to Biotic and Abiotic Stresses. X5 boosts tolerance against Environmental and Water Stress. X5 greatly increases plants absorption and translocation capacity in Saline soils.

Disease free

More Nutrient Absorption !

Direction for Use

Use 1 ml for 15 to 20 litres of water in Knapsack Sprayer or 10 ml per Acre in 150 -200 litres of water. It is recommended for use in all types of plants and can be tank mixed with all Pesticides, Fungicides and fertilizer to boost the recovery. It is important to make a small batch Jar test before mixing all products in theTank.


Store in a cool and dry place away from directsunlight and heat


Keep away from children. Glassampoule handle with care.



Vitamin B3




% w/w





Stage wise Recommended Application



Interval in Stage to apply

1st Application via Foliar Spray

Growth Stage

For Stem Strength & Recovery

2nd Application via Foliar Spray

Branching Stage

New Shoots and Branches

3rd Application via Foliar Spray

Flowering Stage

Initiation of Flowering

4th Application via Foliar Spray

Flowering Stage

Pollen Tube Formation

5th Application via Foliar Spray

Fruit Setting

Initiation of Fruit Setting

6th Application via Foliar Spray

Fruit Setting

After Fruit Set

7th Application via Foliar Spray

Fruit Sizing

Size begins to increase

8th Application via Foliar Spray

Fruit Sizing

15 days after 7th application


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