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SUNRAYSIA is recognised by the Government of India and approved under “Make in India”. At Sunraysia Organics Pvt. Ltd. The company provides more than 101 products in Bulk and packaged in your brand name. Sunraysia Research Labs Pvt. Ltd. is involved in developing new age technologies and offers customized product development solutions. It is your outsourced R & D Department.

At our R&D Facility we are developing technologies to grow plants in Soil less
and Water less media. On a global science platform much research is made to develop hormones that will regulate or reduce the need of water requirement for the plants. Going water less seems to be a distant dream but the possibilities are on the horizon.

At Sunraysia we believe in merging creativity with science to create breakthrough innovations, which are not envisioned before. Breaking the stereotype methods of research, our team is always eager to cross the boundaries of scientific research and tap in the unexplored frontiers. And therefore we were also Awarded for the Top 50 Most Influential Rural Marketing Professionals in India

There is scarcity of fertile agricultural land to feed the ever-growing population of the world. Out of the total area of earth only 30% is land mass and only 10% is available for agriculture whereas 33% is Desert. There is no further scope for expansion of area under agriculture except for utilizing the deserts.

A time will come when water will be scarce, and it will be more expensive than oil and gas. Our innovations are focused on enabling food cultivation in the harshest of environments and under scarcity of water.

New research in Aerospace, Medicine and Energy are making it possible to make Human Race a Multi-Planetary Species. Combining all these advances in science and technology are opening doors for cultivation of food in space.


At Sunraysia Research Labs, we offer research and development facilities to develop new products to suit your requirements. We understand your markets and your requirements, and our team of experts innovate products that are specially developed for you.

At a fairly low cost we conduct this research and offer you innovative products with monopoly agreement that provides you with a competitive edge in the market. The product is patented by Sunraysia ,the technology development and usage rights are reserved with Sunraysia for use in future programs if required. However, a 5-year monopoly agreement is extended to your company, which can be consequently renewed after discussion on expiry of the term.


Our charges for customized product development depend upon the man-hours involved and complexity of the technology used. We provide you with an approximate estimate of cost involved and days required to develop the product. If we are unable to develop the product in the stipulated time we return your investment. We charge only if we deliver the promise!

Once the product is developed, our manufacturing arm ”Sunraysia Organic Pvt Ltd” will manufacture the product for you and deliver it to you in bulk Packing or customized packaging of your choice. There by offering you end to end solutions.

Give us a call for a detailed discussion on your R&D or new product requirements and we will be glad to give you a quote for the same. Your dream products are just a phone call away!

Your Investment at Sunraysia, is the only R&D expense in the world that comes with a PROMISE to DELIVER what you have envisioned. If we fail to make it, there is no expense at all. Your investment is returned.


At the manufacturing Arm of the company we provide complete end to end solutions for manufacturing the products in your brand name. Your product manufacturing process is a synergistic effort of the Designing Department, Legal Department, Production Department and Training Department.

Designing Department
The designing Department is involved in designing your product labels , logos ,brand names , advertising literature, catalog and many other advertising materials at a nominal cost .

Legal Department
The legal department will help you obtain the necessary permissions, register trademarks, copyright, obtain Organic Certification and many other documents that may be required by Law and to safeguard your business.

Production Department
The production department has one of India’s state of Art Production line with a huge capacity to deliver your requirements in time and with precision. The production set-up is massive, and you never have to worry about the supply of products. While you focus your energy on the sales activity.

Training Department
The training department is involved in providing you sales team with in-depth product knowledge and maximum information of the market dynamics which will prove beneficial in channelizing the efforts of the sales team.

We are in the Business of Creating New Entrepreneurs in Organic Agriculture and taking Businesses to newer heights with breakthrough technologies.

Choosing the right manufacturing partners is crucial to success of any organization. With outsourced R & D and manufacturing facility to Sunraysia, you can focus your organizational strength towards sales activity. This gives you huge leverage over your competition and adds in optimizing your sales performance.


We are innovators. We are inventors we are researchers we are developers. We innovate products to enrich the lives of people. We are focused of doing path breaking research in chemistry to deliver products of tomorrow. The heart of our organisation is our R&D department, where new innovations are made which have exponential benefits over generic products.
Our Patented Tablet range, Ampoule solutions, Sunfert series of organic NPK and Stimul8 Spirulina range are all results of the ground breaking research done at the R&D centre.