What registration we have to sell the products?

We have CIB, FCO, G2 for Bio stimulant for all our range of products where we can legally sell in your Brand Name .

Does Sunraysia have the Production Capacity to deliver the products in time?

Yes, We have a production capacity to deliver, more than 2,40,000 Litres per day and 3,00,000 Ampoules per day and 2000 Tablets per day.

What Quality Standard does Sunraysia follow to ensure best uniform quality for every batch?

We have got BMR for every manufacturing batches ,We maintain the records and counter sample for every products ,we have completely atomized plant. We are ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management System) and ISO 9014:2015 (Environment Management System) certified company. Our Manufacturing Facilities are GMP , CE certified and also USFDA certified where in we follow all the stringent norms ,records, samples to ensure every batch is same

Does company provides product training and knowledge to Sales Team?

We have dedicated trainers who will educate and train your sales teams about the technical details of the product and in what segment the product can be pitched and sell it

Will the company help us in Product Labelling & Designing the Literature?

We have In-House Designing team dedicated to our white label customer we will not only help you design the most of the linked labels of your product but also design the leaflets, brochures in multiple languages of your choice which will be a good marketing tool

Will Sunraysia be offering the same range of Product in there own Brand ?

The product listed on website offered to multiple customer for sale in there own brand as they are legally registered under FCO/CIB for that particular formulation however the brand name being different and your price points different the product will be sold in your brand thereby the same formulation shall not affect your business however at Sunraysia we have R&D department which can develop customized formulation for your product for which we can have a separate Monopoly Agreement based on the MOQ and yearly target plan. For more details you can contact our business manager for the same .


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