Sydney is a new age Bio-Stimulant that combines Vitamin B3 and Salicylic acid for increasing fruit size, shape, and weight. Salicylic acid is a plant hormone that regulates various plant functions. Vitamin B3 is essential for various cellular processes. When Salicylic acid is combined with Vitamin B3 increases cell division and promotes an increase in the size and shape of fruits. Salicylic acid helps in stimulating fruit setting and reducing fruit drops. Sydney’s unique formulation helps in increasing the plant’s metabolic rate, nucleic acid, and amino acid content. Increasing fruit size and weight is directly proportional to increasing Yields!


10 ml Glass Ampoule

Stage Wise Recommended Application


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What's Unique ?

Sydney’s unique combination of Vitamin B3 and Salicylic acid is a breakthrough innovation in increasing Fruit Setting, Size, and weight. It naturally increases the production quantity without putting plants under stress. Salicylic acid also helps in raising the immunity of plants against various pathogens, thereby protecting the plants during the crucial fruiting stage. The ultra-low dose of Sydney helps in reducing the Storage, Handling and Transportation Cost.


Fruit Setting

Sydney helps in the formation of Flowers to fruits. The cellular activity helps in improved fruit setting and reduced fruit drops. It also helps increase bunch length in grapes so that enough space is available for berry enlargement.

Increases Size

Sydney boosts production of nucleic and amino acids that help in increasing the Fruit Size. It helps in providing bigger and uniform size fruits that helps to fetch a better market value for produce.

Increases Yield

Through increased supply of nutrients, Sydney helps in increasing the weight of the fruits. Heavier fruits helps in getting greater tonnage output and increases Yield per acre.

Fruit Sizer

Superior Size and Weight!

Direction for Use

For Fruiting Vegetables use 5 ml in 200 Litres of water and apply for 1 Acre through foliar application. For Horticulture Crops use 10 ml in 200 Litres of water. Depending upon the size of the plants use 200 to 400 Litres of water per acre and use Sydney 10 to 20 ml as required per acre.


Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.


Keep away from children. Glass ampoule handle with care.



Vitamin B3

Salicyclic Acid




% w/w






Stage wise Recommended Application



Interval in Stage to apply

1st Application via Foliar Spray

Fruit Setting

On set of Fruit Setting

2nd Application via Foliar Spray

Fruit Sizing

Once Size begins to increase

3rd Application via Foliar Spray

Fruit Sizing

Fruits are Medium Sized

4th Application via Foliar Spray

Fruit Sizing

Repeat application after 10 days


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