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Stimul8 combines the richness of Protein Hydrolysate, Seaweed Extract, Micronutrients, and Gibberellic acid. Protein(hydrolysed) contains many amino acids that are building blocks of life and essential for many plant functions. Stimul8 is one ofthe most power packed nutrition source. It contains Seaweed Extract which contains Major Nutrients like NPK, Secondary nutrient and Micronutrients along with Amino acids, Proteins, Vitamins and a range of biochemicals. This make Stimul8 a complete plant food for the plants where you can apply all required nutrients in one application. Stimul8 is readily available and easily absorbed and metabolised in the plants. Owing to the richness of this nutrient it can be used right from the seedling stage to Harvest Stage to provide broad spectrum food to the plants. Stimul8 contains Gibberellic acid which is boosts growth, flowering and fruit size in plants.


250 ml

Stage Wise Recommended Application


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What's Unique ?

Stimul8 is a powerhouse of nutrients. One application of Stimul8 provides a broad spectrum of nutrients to the plants.The cost comparison of per nutrient application is significantly low with Stimul8 as compared to applying all nutrients separately. As a Plant Food supplement – Farmers get the choice of using only one product than choosing multitude of nutritional products.


Complete nutrition

Stimul8 is a power house of nutrients. It offers plants all the nutrients required in one application. This helps the plants to grow to its full potential as there is no deficiency. It also works out to be cheaper to offer all nutrients through one product.

All stages

Gibberellic Acid boosts plant functions during all stages of life cycle. Amino acids and Seaweed extract along with micronutrients are a powerhouse of nutrition that are required during all stages. This makes the product a comprehensive plant nutrition supplement for use at any given stage.

Higher Yields

Trials have demonstrated that regular use of Stimul8 during the plant’s life cycles can greatly increase the Yields. By providing complete nutrition it helps plants to perform their physiological functions to their full potential thereby getting a bumper produce that is better inquality – while being Organic!


Complete Plant Food with all the Nutrients!

Direction for Use

For Vegetables use 250 ml for 200 Litres of water (1.25:1000) and apply through foliar application. For Horticulture Crops use 250ml for 200 Litres of water. Use 200 to 400 Litres of water Depending upon the size of the plants. For soil application Use500 ml / Acre of Land for Vegetable Crops and 1 Litre / Acre for Horticulture Crops.


Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.


Keep away from children.



Gibberellic Acid

Protein (Hydrolysed)

Yeast Extract Seaweeds

FeSO4 .7H2O (min. 95%)

MnSO4 .3H2O (min. 90%)

% w/w






ZnSO4 .7H2O (min. 95%)

MgSO4 .7H2O (min. 90%)

Emulsifier Tween 80

Solvent Water







Stage wise Recommended Application



Interval in Stage to apply

1st Application via Foliar Spray

Seedling Stage

Four Leaf Stage

2nd Application via Foliar Spray

Growth Stage

Shoot Growth

3rd Application via Foliar Spray

Branching Stage

New Nodes begin to Form

4th Application via Foliar Spray

Flowering Stage

Initiation of Flowering

5th Application via Foliar Spray

Flowering Stage

Full Bloom

6th Application via Foliar Spray

Fruit Setting

Initiation of Fruiting

7th Application via Foliar Spray

Fruit Setting

Fruit Setting Stage

8th Application via Foliar Spray

Fruit Setting

Fruits are Medium Size

9th Application via Foliar Spray

Fruit Setting

After 10 Days


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