Sticker Spreader

Sticker Spreader is a high quality spray adjuvant which enhances the wetting and spreading properties of Agrochemicals, fertilizers and biostimulants.It is recommended to use Adjuvant-80 along with all foliar applications to enhance the penetration and uptake of the Agri. inputs. It helps in reducing runoff of spray and ensures maximum effectiveness.

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Increases wetting and
spreading properties
of Agrochemicals
and bio-stimulants

Helps faster uptake
and penetration of
sprayed solution through
leaf cuticles

Helps in spreading the
spray solution and reduces
the water requirement

Direction for Use

Use 5 ml per 15 litres of water or 50 ml in 200 litres of water and apply in 1 Acre. Ensure ProperCoverage of plants


Silicon based spray adjuvant.


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