Silicon is now officially designated as a plant beneficial substance by the Association of American Plant Food Control Officials (AAPFCO). Silicon is known to affect plant growth, quality, photosynthesis, transpiration and enhance plant resistance to stresses such as drought. Plant assimilates silicon through roots as silicic acid. Inside plant, it travels to active growing points, where it complexes with an organic compound in the cell walls and make them stronger. Silicon enhances growth and yield of all annual and vegetable crops, promotes upright growth, prevents lodging, promotes favorable exposure of leaves to light, provides resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases and decrease some abiotic stress as temperatures, salinity, heavy metal and aluminium toxicity. Silicon has positive effect on the biomass yield under deficit irrigation. Plants subjected to draught, treated with silicon, maintained higher stomatal conductivity, relative water content and water potential. It helps leaves become larger and thicker, thus limiting the loss of water through transpiration and reduces water consumption.


500 ml

Stage Wise Recommended Application


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Silix is made from sodium silicate which is more commonly used for horticultural or green house crop applications. Being soluble it can be added to nutrient solutions or used as foliar sprays. This makes it useful for both soil and foliar feeding. With micronized particle size, Silix is easily soluble, absorbed and translocated with the plants.



Silix helps to increase drought resistance and increase flower diameter. This is achieved by reduction in water lost by plants through evapotranspiration. Reduction of transpiration rate on stomatal conductance and leaf resistance increases with a high rate of sodium silicate foliar sprays. Sodium silicate foliar spray applications can act as a film-forming anti transparent that increases leaf resistance.

Saline Soils

The hydrophilic nature of Si can decrease the poisonous levels of saline ions and reduce the osmotic effect of salt stress on the absorption and storage of water by plants. Additionally, Si treatment in plants results in enlarged leaf cells via cell wall expansion, which helps the plants to hold more water. Silicon can decrease lipid peroxidation in plants exposed to salinity stress by enhancing the enzymatic and nonenzymatic activities of antioxidants.

Plant Protection

One of the main functions of Si is improving the plants growth and yield especially in stress condition. Si accumulates in the epidermal tissues, and a layer of cellulose membrane-Si is created when Ca and pectinions are present, which provides protection to the plant. In plants, Si allows the activation at the biochemical level of defence genes, enzymes and phytoalexins, and at the sametime allows anatomical changes in the structure of cells, providing mechanical resistance to tissues.

Disease Resitance

Si serves as a mechanical barrier that prevents infection by pathogens and allows tolerance to attack by phytophagous insects. Si is able to decrease the susceptibility of riceagainst sheath blight diseases. Silicon leads to increase the sheath blight resistance through creating a physical hindrance and reduce the intensity of disease. Silicon canreduce the intensity of blast disease in the leaf and the panicle during different growth stages. It has also been reported to be an effective suppressor of powdery mildew. It also has prohibitive effect on rice green leafhoppers, leaf spiders, brown plant hoppers, white backed planthoppers, mites and brown plant hopper. Si is able to increase the tolerance of sorghum to anthracnose.


Anti-transpirant, Anti-Stress Anti-Pest!

Direction for Use

For Vegetables use 500 ml for 200 Litres of water(2.5:1000) and apply through foliar application. For Horticulture Crops use 500ml for 200 Litres of water.Use 200 to 400 Litres of water Depending upon the size of the plants. For soil application Use 1 Litre / Acre of Land for Vegetable Crops and 2 Litres / Acre for Horticulture Crops.


Store in a cool and dry place away from directsunlight and heat


Keep away from children.



Silicon as (SiO2) min

Sodium as (Na)

Specific Gravity 1.3

% w/w



Stage wise Recommended Application



Interval in Stage to apply

1st Soil Application - Drip / Drench

Growth Stage

Shoot Growth

2nd Application via Foliar Spray

Branching Stage

Lateral Growth

3rd Soil Application - Drip / Drench

Flowering Stage

Initiation of Flowering

4th Application via Foliar Spray

Flowering Stage

Full Bloom

5th Soil Application - Drip / Drench

Fruit Setting

Initiation of Fruiting

6th Application via Foliar Spray

Fruit Setting

Fruits are Medium Size

7th Soil Application - Drip / Drench

Fruit Setting

Fruits begin to Ripe


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