Provide (Paclobutrazole 40% SC)

Paclobutrazol is a plant growth retardant and triazole fungicide. It is a known antagonist of the plant hormone gibberellin. When gibberellins synthesis is inhibited, more precursors in the terpenoid pathway accumulate and that result in production of abscisic acid. It acts by inhibiting gibberellin biosynthesis, reducing internodal growth to give stouter stems, increasing root growth, causing early fruitset and increasing seedset in fruiting plants. It further reduces evapo transpiration and decreases plant moisture stress by enhancing the relative water content of leaf area and develops resistance in the plants against biotic and abiotic stresses. In addition, it acts as highly active systemic fungicide and used against several economically important fungal diseases. Provide is important in reducing plant height to prevent lodging and in increasing number and weight of fruits per tree, in improving the fruit quality in terms of increases in carbohydrates. Provide can also be used to reduce shoot growth and has been shown to have additional positive effects on trees and shrubs. Provide has added advantage of improved resistance to drought stress, darker green leaves, higher resistance against fungi and bacteria, and enhanced development of roots.


50 ml & 500 ml

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Increases number and weight of Fruits



Provide should be normally applied to the soil to be taken up by the roots and transported via the xylem to the upper parts of the plant. Paclobutrazol assists mango crops to achieve full blossom potential by making a balance between foliar and fruit growth.

Dosage of Provide varies for different age of Mango tree:7 to 15 Years use 8 to 9 ml, 16 to 25 Years use 11 to 12 ml, for 25 Years use 17 to 18 ml. For Onion, Potato, Garlic and Ground nut use 30 to 40 ml per acre. For other crops use 30 to 80 ml / Acre depending upon the Size.



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