Description: Super contains naturally occurring amino acids and low molecular weight Bio Stimulants that act synergistically to catalyze growth processes and to support the metabolism of the plant. SUPER helps the plant to overcome adverse environmental conditions. The leaves absorb SUPER quickly and efficiently without scorching.

Benefits :

  1. Initiates cell division of the plant.
  2. Enhances photosynthesis activity.
  3. Helps in maintaining normal colour of flowers and fruits.
  4. Controls abnormalities and checks leaves, flowers and fruits.
  5. Resists diseases and adverse weather condition.
  6. Increases crop yield and improves crop quality.

Direction for Use :

Dilute 10ml of Super in 200 Litres of water and Spray.

Time of applications :

Can be applied for all stages in vegetables, horticulture, floriculture etc.