Blue Green Algae-Spirulina
STIMUL8 is made from Spirulina, a blue green algae-Cyanobacteria. Spirulina as a plant fertilizer is 100% natural and highly nutritious micro salt water plant. It contains proteins, complex carbohydrates, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and vitamins A, K and B complex. It also contains Beta carotene, chlorophyll, fatty acids, nucleic acids, lipids and also phycocyanin.

Thus, Spirulina has countless uses as a supplement for maintaining good plant health and for preventing diseases. Spirulina thus acts as a natural bio-stimulant for plant growth and increasing yields.

Unique Points:

  • Stimul8 is formulated using patented process.
  • Stimul8 contains Spirulina which is more powerful than Seaweed
  • This Spirulina fertilizer has more absorbable proteins than Amino acids
  • It contains more than 100 nutrients derived from Spirulina
  • Stimul8 has proved to be excellent bio-stimulant for plants.



  • It promotes seedling growth.
  • It promotes photosynthesis and chlorophyll formation in plants.
  • It improves plant vigour and growth.
  • It improves plant tolerance to weather changes.
  • It keeps plant healthy due to which disease resistance capacity of plants increases.
  • It helps in increasing the yield.


Directions for Use:

Foliar Application: Use 50 ml /Acre for vegetable crops and 100 ml / Acre in horticulture crops. 3 to 4 applications are recommended at different stages of crops.

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