Description: Whiteflies and green Jassids are one of the greatest threats to agricultural productivity. They suck away the green fluids from the leaves and act as vectors to transmit viruses in the crops. Similarly Brown plant hopper is a major pest in Paddy affecting yields. Swipe is special product to target these insects and protect the plants.

Benefits :

1) Effective control of White Flies, Green Jassids and Brown Plant Hoppers

2) Long Lasting control from the Insects

3) Contact, Systemic and Translaminar Action

4) Knock down action

5) Natural hormones, helps faster recovery of plants

Unique Points :

1) Non Toxic formula – Targets only the insects without affecting friendly bacteria

2) Cost effective alternative to other products

3) Blend of unique adjuvants that leave the product active for longer time

4)  Preventive and Curative application

5) Higher absorption and translocation rate ensure faster action

Direction for Use :

Foliar Application: Dilute 250 ml in 200 Litres of water and apply in one acre. Repeat dose if infestation persists.

Time of applications :

Preventive Application: Should be applied during the flowering and fruiting stages

Curative application: Use immediately on detection of the infestation