Carbon Maestro


Carbon Maestro

Description: Soil Carbon is the most neglected yet most important factors of soil fertility, disease control, water efficiency and farm productivity. Carbon Maestro is specially prepared to replenish the soil carbon and return the soil fertility and offer enormous yields.

  1. Helps to store 90 to 95% of Nitrogen, 50 to 80% of Phosphorous and 20 to 30% of Sulphur in the Soil.
  2. Helps to Store Cations such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and trace elements.
  3. Helps to neutralize soil pH
  4. Promotes the growth of plants and microbes in the soil
  5. Decreases water loss from run-off


Contents :

Activated Carbon supplement derived from Organic Matter


Unique Points :

1) Only Carbon Supplement available in the market

2) Special formulation helps it to store carbon in the soil for later use by the plants

3) Various other ingredients help to dissolve locked up minerals and make it available to plants

4) It is organic certified, non toxic and eco friendly

5) Replenishes carbon levels, faster than any other product


 Direction for Use :

Apply total of 20 Litres per acre in a month. Apply 5 Ltrs in 200 ltrs of water per acre every week through drip irrigation, drenching or flood irrigation.


 Time of applications :

Carbon Maestro can be applied at all stages of life cycle. It should be applied at an interval of 7 days.