Powershot (Pyriproxyfen 10% EC)

Whiteflies have become a big nuisance pest in agriculture. It is difficult to control the insect with any kind of a contact poison. Whiteflies and Jassids tend to fly away with pesticide application and therefore controlling them with a normal insecticide becomes difficult. Pyriproxyfen is a new age insecticide that works as a selective Insect growth regulator having Stomach, Contact and Translaminar action. Powershot acts on multipoint of the Insect life cycle, preventing Whitefly emergence from egg and interferes with Whitefly development and reproduction. It also makes female sterile thereby stopping the development of new pests. Withthe use of Powershot the damage made by Whiteflies, Aphids and Jassids can be reduced and farmers can protect their cropsand have bumper yields.


250 ml

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Additional Use

Whitefies, Aphids and Jassids are a major pest in many vegetable and horticultural crops. Powershot can be safely used to control all the 3 major insects that are difficult to control with regular pesticides.

Excellent Control

  • White Fly
  • Green Jassids
  • Aphids


250 ml of Powershot shall be diluted in 150 – 200 Litres of water and applied per acre in vegetable crops. For ultra-low volume sprayers use minimum of 250 ml / Acre in 50 litres of water. For Horticulture crops use 500 ml per acre in 400Litres water. (Dilution 1:1000)


Controls Whiteflies, Aphids & Jassids



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