Jal Shakti

The Key ingredient for agriculture is farming. The Source for irrigation at farm is from Bore, Well or adjoining water bodies. This water has high surface tension and high amount of salts. This makes it difficult for uptake of water and translocation to different parts of the plant. Not only the plants are not well hydrated but also they cannot uptake the nutrition from the soil along with water as the solubility of nutrients is compromised. The high amounts of mineral salts in irrigation water makes the water hard. Hard water is responsible for clogging the drip irrigation system and sprinkler nozzles resulting in uneven water supply to plants. Hard water is also responsible for reduced yields and productivity in agriculture.
Jal Shakti is a combination of water softening chemicals that are known to reduce the TDS of water. It reduces the surface tension of thewater significantly. This allows absorption and translocation of water and minerals within the plant. Water is the most important ingredient for agriculture. Water treated with Jal Shakti can be easily taken up bythe plants. It helps dissolve and carry more nutrition to different partsof the plant. Good quality water along with proper nutrition provides nourishment for sustained growth and higher yields. Using Jal Shakti on regular basis can also help in reducing blockages in irrigation system and nozzles thereby saving significant costs in repairs and maintenance.

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Direction for Use

Dilute 250 ml of Jal Shakti in 200 Litres of water and mix well.Let it sit for 1 hour so that salts will settle down. Use the top layer of water for irrigation or spray.


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