Fruit Max 00-12-45

Fruitmax Fertilizer is a 00-12-45 Formula with High amounts ofPotassium. In terms of water and nutrient balance in plants, potassiumhas two major functions. It plays biochemical role in activation ofenzymes for production of proteins and sugars, while it also playsbiophysical function in maintaining turgor of cell and thus protectingwater content in plant. Potassium is a crucial macronutrient and mainelectrolytes in plants. Its requirement is higher than other mineralnutrients except for nitrogen, but some crops at their specific stagesdemand more potassium than nitrogen.Therefore, adequate potassiumfertilization is necessary for enhanced and improved yield andqualities of agricultural produce. This monovalent cation interactsboth antagonistically and synergistically with other nutrients. Trials intomato crops suggest, high levels of potassium have shown to increasefruit dry matter, total soluble solid content, and lycopeneconcentration of tomato.


250 gms

Stage Wise Recommended Application


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What's Unique ?

Fruit Max is made from Food grade sources of Potassium andPhosphorous. It has a Neutral pH and high absorption rate andnutritive value as compared to other chemical sources of water-solublefertilizers. Fruit Max has such a high absorption rate that it is requiredonly 1/4th in the quantity as compared to other WSF products. As it isrequired only in 1/4th of the quantity as other WSF it has considerablysavings in the cost per application. Fortied with Sunraysia’sproprietary Co-factors, Fruit Max is a complete Nutrition package forHealthy, Nutritive Fruits that can fetch a more marketable value withits Colour, Shine and weight.


Neutral pH

Most NPK fertilizers are acidic in nature causingharm to the soil microbes and bacteria andquality of Soil. Fruit Max has a neutral pH whichis safe for spraying on the fruits and it does notcause scorching on the produce. With a neutralpH the nutrients are made available to the plantswithout any side effects. Even with prolongeduse it does not affect the soil or fruit quality orstructure.

Nutritive Value

Fruit max has highly absorbable Potassium andphosphorous that improves Nutritive value offruits. It increases Total soluble solids content,ascorbic acid concentrations, Total Sugarcontent (Brix), fruit colour, shelf life, andshipping quality of many horticultural crops.

Higher Yields

Most of the researchers suggested that adequatepotassium nutrition increased yields and yieldattributes especially size, shape and weight offruits. With application of FruitMax the fruitweight is increased which is directlyproportional to increase in yield per Acre.


Nutrition for Best quality Produce!

Direction for Use

For Vegetables use 250 gms / 200 Litres of water and apply minimum 200 Litres of water through foliar application per acre. For Foliar application in Horticulture crops use 500 gms / 400 Litres of water and apply minimum 400 Litres of water / Acre.


Store in a cool anddry place away from directsunlight and heat.


Keep away fromchildren.



Moisture (max)

Phosphorous as (P2O5) (min)

Potassium as (K2O) (min)

Total Chloride (max)

Matter insoluble in water (max)

% w/w







Sodium as NaCl (max)

Lead (as Pb) (max)

Cadmium (as Cd) (max)

Arsenic (as As) (max)

% w/w





Stage wise Recommended Application



Interval in Stage to apply

1st Application via Foliar Spray

Fruit Sizing to Harvest

Fruit Size is Medium

2nd Application via Foliar Spray

Fruit Sizing to Harvest

4 Days after 1 application

3rd Application via Foliar Spray

Fruit Sizing to Harvest

4 Days after 2 application

4th Application via Foliar Spray

Fruit Sizing to Harvest

4 Days after 3 application

5th Application via Foliar Spray

Fruit Sizing to Harvest

After 4 Days in Horticulture


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