Flower Max 00-42-32

Flower Max Fertilizer is a 00-42-32 Formula with High amounts of Phosphorous and Potassium. Once your plants have started to produce buds or blooms you have a plant that is matured and is ready for the production of your crop. This is where we change from higher nitrogen to a higher PHOSPHATE product. The idea being not to allow your fruit coming from the blossoms to grow too fast with high nitrogen. You want to be more concerned at this stage to form a fruit that contains higher pound solids and more body. Phosphate will supply the cells that are being formed at this stage to fill in with body, giving more weight and mineral value. Too much nitrogen at this stage will just make the cells grow and not form the body or mineral content, making the produce sour and shortening the shelf life.


250 gms

Stage Wise Recommended Application


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What's Unique ?

Flower Max is a unique combination of Phosphorous and Potassium where P helps in boosting the owers to blossom while K helps in pollen tube elongation and enhancing the reproductive process. This bespoke nutrient formula is fortified with Sunraysia’s proprietary co factors that helps in enhancing cell division, increased metabolism and providing energy for the reproductive processes. The formula is highly concentrated with high absorbable nutrition making it highly effective while being cost effective.


Right Concentration

At this stage, right concentration of Phosphorus and Potassium is required to develop Pollen tube and supplement energy for the reproductive processes. Flower Max through its unique 42:32 formula provides the perfect combination of nutrients at this stage.

Bloom Booster

Phosphorus is one of the important nutrients for Flowering and fruit production. Flower Maxcontains high amounts of P and this makes it especially important for Flowers, fruit trees and vegetables. It is the most important nutrient that encourages Flowering plants to produce blossoms.

Pollen Tube

Potassium ion channels in pollen tube play and important role in mediation of pollen germination and pollen tube growth. Potassium Flux in pollen tubes has an important role in Plants reproduction. Flower Max provides adequate potassium for the reproductive process of the plants that helps in pollen tube elongation and conversion of Flowers to fruits.


Max Nutrients – Full Bloom Booster!

Direction for Use

For Vegetables use 250 gms / 200 Litres of water and apply minimum 200 Litres of water through foliar application per acre. For Foliar application in Horticulture crops use 500 gms / 400 Litres of water and apply minimum 400 Litres of water / Acre


Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.


Keep away fromchildren.



Moisture (max)

Phosphorous as (P2O5) (min)

Potassium as (K2O) (min)

Total Chloride (max)

Matter insoluble in water (max)

% w/w







Sodium as NaCl (max)

Lead (as Pb) (max)

Cadmium (as Cd) (max)

Arsenic (as As) (max)

% w/w





Stage wise Recommended Application



Interval in Stage to apply

1st Application via Foliar Spray

Full Bloom

On set of Anthesis (Flowers open)

2nd Application via Foliar Spray

Full Bloom

4 Days after 1 application

3rd Application via Foliar Spray

Full Bloom

4 Days after 2 application

4th Application via Foliar Spray

Full Bloom

4 Days after 3 application

5th Application via Foliar Spray

Full Bloom

After 4 Days in Horticulture


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