fertilizer wholesalers in Nashik

“Our fertilizer wholesalers in Nashik provide top-quality products to enhance crop yield and quality. Join us for reliable and effective solutions tailored to your farming needs.”

Headquartered in Singapore, we are right in the heart of nanotechnology research. Singapore is known for its technology assimilation. Our Singapore office collaborates across Asia and Pacific’s Innovators, Manufacturers and Researchers to bring in new chemistries to the market. From innovation to production and delivering the finished product is only possible with the synergies created by the global team in Singapore.

fertilizer wholesalers in nashik

We have developed ultra-low volume dilution ratio products in Ampoule Packing which is Patented and is a unique offering in the field of Agriculture.

At Newchem we are the first to develop Effervescent tablets for use in agriculture by integrating Nanotechnology, Biomimetics, Co-factors, and Co-enzymes.

Capacity that Conquers​

Our Manufacturing set-up is equipped to produce multiple products at one time and deliver the right quality and output with precision.

Litres Per Day
Tablets Per Day
Ampoules Per Day
Nano-Technology Powders Per Day

“Boost your harvest with premium fertilizers from Nashik’s trusted wholesalers.”
Delivering the best quality to farmers is at the core of our production strategy. Our products not only carry our brand name but also the farmer’s faith in Nanotechnology and we take that fact very seriously. We deploy world-class manufacturing processes and machinery to make superior quality products as every particle makes difference when it’s Nanotechnology. We take utmost care that every product manufactured will benefit the farmers and bring them prosperity.

We are ISO 9001: 2015 (Quality Management System).

Manufacturing Facilities are GMP and CE certified.

ISO 9014:2015 (Environment Management System) certified company.

Legal License

Newchem Sunraysia is recognized by the Indian Government as one of the top 500 startups in India that drives innovation to change the World. We are recommended by the Inter-ministerial Board for many innovations and patents that we hold. We are fertilizer wholesalers in nashik the only company to manufacture and Supply “Effervescent tablets for use in Agriculture” for which we hold a Valid Patent to deliver actives of fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators, and biostimulants through effervescent tablets.

We are bestowed with the “Krashi Samman” award for developing Nano-technology molecules and delivering them through our unique Patented packaging Ampoules.

Make In India

Sunraysia is one of the most premiere companies in India to obtain the Make in India recognition  from the Ministry for its outstanding innovation in Agriculture sector that includes conversion of Algae into bio fertilizers.

Krushi Saman Award

We are bestowed with “Krushi Samman”award for developing Nano-technology molecules and delivering them through our unique Patented packaging Ampoules.

Ministry of Commerce and Industry​

Sunraysia is recognized by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India as a Start-up Company amongst 500 Companies in India for its patented invention related to use of Spirulina as a fertilizer for us in Agriculture.

Start-up Company amongst 500 Companies

Newchem Sunraysia is recognized by Indian Government as one of the top 500 Start-ups in India that drives innovation to change the World.

The land under agriculture is shrinking and the mouths to feed are ever increasing. Using Nanotechnology and biomimetic materials we have developed Nanogels that can grow plants in Soil less medium. We are looking at the Sea for cultivating plants. With 71% of Earth covered with Sea, we can conduct agriculture on the sea with these nano nutrition gels. Our current range of effervescent tablets and ampoules are well suited for conducting agriculture on the Sea. Our commitment to increasing food productivity drives us to innovate solutions that are 10X better and resolve multiple problems.

Modern agriculture needs precision agriculture & new methods of application to increase food productivity. Our nano formulations available in effervescent tablets & ampoules offer the benefit of providing uniform & precise dosing required for precision agriculture. The ultra-low volume application rate of 10 ml / Acre can be mixed with minimum quantity of water and applied through drones. Being nano emulsions, they do not clog the spraying equipment and deliver uniform coverage on the crops.

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