Enzo (Azadirachtin 1500 ppm)

Crop damage from caterpillars is a worldwide problem. Larvae pests like loopers, lepidoptera, Heliothis, Spodopterachew on the plants leaves and Flowers damaging the agricultural produce. Agriculture crop productivity has been severely affected by various these pests causing financial losses to the farmers. Enzo combines the best-known bio- insecticide Azadirachtin, that is environmentally friendly botanical pesticide and has been used as an antifeedant and pest growth regulator in integrated pest management for decades. Azadirachtin causes alterations in the larvae which affects the digestion and absorption of nutrients and eventually lead to the growth inhibition of larvae. Its primary mode of action is as an anti-feedant, but it also disrupts normal insect growth/molting, repels larvae and adults, sterilizes adults and deters egg laying. Alternating Azadirachtin applications with other insecticides provides variable control with less risk of insects developing resistance. Enzo’s unique micro emulsion and unique formulation technology ensure uniform spread of the insecticide on crops offering maximum coverage and protection from Larvae pests. Being eco-friendly it can be used by farmers practicing organic agriculture.



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Crops and Uses

Caterpillars affect Vegetables and Horticulture crops. Enzo can be used in all the crops for control of various types of Larvae mentioned below.


Heliothis, Lepidoptera, Spodoptera, Helicoverpa


250 ml of Enzo shall be diluted in 150 – 200 Litres of water and applied per acre in vegetable crops. For ultra-low volume sprayers use minimum of 250 ml /Acre in 50 litres of water. For Horticulture crops use 500 ml per acre in 400 Litres water. (Dilution 1:1000)


Excellent Control

Moderate Control


Leaf Miner


Leaf Folder


Corn Borer


Fruit Borer

Diamond Back Moth

Shoot Borer

Cabbage Looper

Root Worms

Heicoverpa Armigera

White Grubs


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