Cobra Advance (Emamectin 1.9% EC)

Sugarcane, Rice and Fruiting vegetables are the ones most affected by Borers. Stem borers can destroy rice at any stage of the plant from seedling to maturity. They feed upon tillers and causes dead hearts or drying of the central tiller, during vegetative stage; and causes whiteheads at reproductive stage. Sugarcane stem borer caterpillars kill the plant growing points and cause “dead hearts” (the youngest still unfolded leaves wilt and die), they cause broken sugarcane stalks and reduced sugar contents in infested sugarcane crops. Emamectinbenzoate has a new mechanism of action and a strong activity against Borers as well as with and a high selectivity on useful organisms. This molecule acts if swallowed and has some contact action. It penetrates leaf tissues (translaminar activity) and forms a reservoir within the leaf. The mechanism of action is unique in the panorama of insecticides. Itinhibits muscle contraction, causing a continuous flow of chlorine ions in the GABA and H-Glutamate receptor sites. Emamectin has also shown promising applications in the eradication of fish lice and in fish farming. Cobra Advance has shown excellent control of Fruit borers in Brinjals, tomatoes and Cardamom.


250 ml

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Crops and Uses​

Borers cause Serious damage to Sugarcane, Rice and Fruiting Crops. If not treated early the plants die due to infestation causing serious damage and losses to farmers. Cobra Advance completely irradicated this pest with its triple action and residual toxicity to the pest.


Fruit Borer, Shoot Borer, Stem Borer


250 ml of Cobra Advance shall be diluted in 150– 200 Litres of water and applied per acre in vegetable crops. For ultra-low volume sprayers use minimum of 250 ml / Acre in 50 litres ofwater. For Horticulture crops use 500 ml per acrein 400 Litres of water.


Cobra Advance: Excellent control on these Pests

Fruit Borer

Leaf Miner

Stem Borer

Helicoverpa Armigera

Shoot Borer

Army worm

Corn Borer

Corn Ear worms

Diamond Back Moth


Cabbage Looper

Root Worms

Leaf Folder





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