Seed Treatment: Breaker is a Seed Priming Fertilizer that provides optimum levels of seed nutrient required by the seed in a single application. Seed priming is another pathway to more nutrient uptake. This practice aims to build a more vigorous root system. During priming, nutrients are taken up by the seed. When sown, the elevated nutrients help early germination of the growing embryo through nutrient mobilization. Roots emerging from germinating seed already have its share of applied nutrients and promotes healthier seedlings. Breaker is easy to apply and is fast becoming the new world standard for modern farming practices, where fertilizing the seed is every bit as important as fertilizing the plant. Breaker contains Major Nutrient Phosphorous and Micronutrient Zinc that proves to be beneficial in soils deficient with Zinc and Phosphorous. The product formulation helps in adhesion of these nutrients to Seeds and deliver nutrients directly into the seed. The seed embryo then has higher access to nutrients to help germination and build vigorous growth towards maximum yield!


10 ml Glass Ampoule

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What's Unique ?

Breaker contains unique PEG Primer technology that helps with seed adhesion and drying out. This helps absorption of nutrients into the seeds and also makes a coat on the seeds which helps in protecting the seeds. The nutrients also help in stimulating Plant Enzymes for root structure and nodulation which helps seedling to absorb nutrition from the soil. The formulation is Rhizobia friendly and does not harm the soil ecology, making it a suitable for use with other bacterial products.


Seed Primer

As a Seed primer all the nutrients are absorbed in the Seed and it is available to the embryo. At an early stage the plant has all the essential nutrients required for a healthy and vigorous growth without worrying about the deficiencies.

Seed Protector

PEG Primer Technology helps in coating Nutrients on the Seed. This coat helps in protecting the seed from many soil borne diseases, changes in weather conditions and extreme changes in soil humidity.

Reduced Consumption

When Nutrients are applied to the Seeds, they are available to the Seedling during the growing stages. A small application of Nutrients to the Seeds considerably reduces the application of Fertilizers at the later Stages.

Bud Dormancy

Provides essential nutrients and ensures uniform bud break when used in conjunction with dormancy breaking chemicals. Helps in providing nutrition for growth of the stems and avoids abortion of fruit bunches.


Seed and Bud Dormancy Breaker

Direction for Use

For Seed Soaking: Breaker can be diluted with water for a more uniform coverage onto the seed. Dilution improves the dry down time. Dilute 10 ml in 1 Litres of Water and Soak Vegetable Seeds for 3 to 4 hours. SunDry the Seeds and Sow.

For Seed Dressing: Use Breaker 10ml for 4 to 5 Kgs of seed. Apply Breaker directly on the seeds and let it soak the nutrients. Dry the seeds in early morning sun and Sow them.

For Field Crops: Dilute 10 ml Breaker in 200 ml water and directly apply on for 50 to 100 Kgs of Seeds.

Bud Dormancy: For Uniform Bud Break use 10 ml / Acre. Mix with Bud Breaking Chemicals for application in Grapes and Apples. For other Fruiting Crops directly apply.


Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.


Keep away from children.



Total Phosphorous (as P2O5) min

Available Phosphorous (as P2O ) min

Total Zinc (as Zn) min

Lead (as Pb) max

Solvent and Emulsifier

pH (5% Solution) : 8+/- 1

% w/w







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