Branch Out 10-40-00 + Zn1

Branch Out is a highly water soluble NPK Fertilizer that contain NPK 10:40:00 along with Zinc 1%. Branch out is specially formulated for use during the branching stage of the plant’s life cycle. Plants require high amounts of nutrition to reduce apical dominance and divert energy for developing the branches. Branch Out’s formula helps in achieving lateral growth and develop bushier plants with more leaves and buds. More productive branches help in providing more buds for flowers and fruits while more leaves help in increasing plants food production capacity. Branch out can be used in vegetables as well as horticulture crops. Application after stem elongation helps in generating more branches that will hold the flowers and fruits. Branch out contains Zinc that is essential for formation of auxins, which will help in growth regulation and increasing the Branch length. It also helps in formation of enzymes that are responsible for movement of Sugar and energy to the growing parts of the plants, there by diverting much needed nutrition to new branches and their development. The product is highly soluble and has higher absorption and translocation rate due to its unique formulation.


250 gms

Stage Wise Recommended Application


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What's Unique ?

Branch Out is a specially formulated NPK Fertilizer that combines Zinc micronutrient. Regular NPK fertilizers are stand alone Fertilizers without the inclusion of Micronutrients. Plants need a steady supply of perfectly measured macro and micro nutrients during different stages of their life cycle and especially Zinc during the growing stages. Branch out is a be spoke customized nutrient formulation that is perfectly suited for the branching stage that provides Macro and Micronutrients in the same application. Branch Out’s water-soluble powder formulation is easy to apply and helps in faster up take and absorption in the plant system making it instantaneously available.


Lateral Growth

Branch out’s use during the branching stage helps in producing a greater number of Branches while offering them strength and energy for complete development. More no of branches increases the plants capacity to bear more flowers and fruits.

More Leaves

Bushier plants with more leaves help in increasing the plants food production capacity through chlorophyll synthesis. Leaves also protects the fruits (especially grapes) from sunburns by forming a dense canopy.

Internode Distance

Maintains the Internode distance and strengthens the Stems with supply of nutrients. Even the plants are taller they maintain a thicker and well developed stem that can supply food to all parts of the plants.


More Branches for More Flowers & Fruits!

Direction for Use

For Vegetables use 250 gms / 200 Litres of water and apply minimum 200 Litres of water through foliar application per acre. For Foliar application in Horticulture crops use 500 gms / 400 Litres of water and apply minimum 400 Litres of water /Acre.


Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.


Keep away from children.



Moisture (max)

Total Nitrogen (Ammonical) (min)

Phosphorous as (P2O5) (min)

Zinc as Zn EDTA ( min)

Total Chloride (max)

% w/w







Matter insoluble in water (max)

Sodium as NaCl (m ax)

Lead (as Pb) (max)

Cadmium (as Cd) (max)

Arsenic (as As) (max)

% w/w






Stage wise Recommended Application



Interval in Stage to apply

1st Application via Foliar Spray

Branching Stage

New Branches begin

2nd Application via Foliar Spray

Branching Stage

4 Days after 1st application

3rd Application via Foliar Spray

Branching Stage

4 Days after 2nd application

4th Application via Foliar Spray

Branching Stage

4 Days after 3rd application

5th Application via Foliar Spray

Branching Stage

Repeat after 4 Days in Horticulture


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