Agrigold 52

The Agrigold series of Liquid Organic Manure contains high amounts of Naturally and organically derived nutrients that are not only safe for the environment but have a multitude of benefits in increasing productivity organically. The Liquid fermented organic manure is made from fermenting farm waste, animal waste and other Organic and biodegradable wastes. This makes the product very rich in the content of nutrients. It has a high percentage of Carbon content along with Organic NPK and other micro elements that prove to be a superior fertilizer for soil application. Organic Manures, far from being purified and simplified chemicals, are complex compounds that add numerous primary secondary and micro-nutrients beyond theone or two for which they are best known.

Stage Wise Recommended Application


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What's Unique ?

Many Organic Manure Fertilizers are available in powder or granulated form and are required in very higher doses of application (100 to 200 Kgs / Acre). With liquid fermentation of the Organic waste, all the nutrients are absorbed and concentrated in smaller volume. Making the dilution ratio of 2 to 10 Litres / Acre. In comparison to bulkier Organic Fertilisers, Agrigold is required only 5 to 10% of the volume, making it highly cost-effective in storing, transportation and handling.


Comprehensive Nutrition

Being made from liquid fermentation of many organic and biodegradable waste sources, it contains many secondary nutrients, micronutrients, organic acids, natural plant hormones, vitamins, proteins, amino acids making it a comprehensive nutrition supplement for your plants.

Neutral pH

Agrigold has a Neutral pH which means it is perfectly suited for application in soil. It doesn’t disturb the soil ecology and helps maintaining the bio-diversity of the soil micro-organisms. It provides complete nutrition at a neutral pH without harming any constituents of the farm ecology.

Organic Agriculture

Made from all natural organic sources and with a broad range of naturally occurring nutrients, Agrigold is one of the most important fertilizer supplements for Organic agriculture. It can be used in certified Organic farms for organic food production.


Organic Liquid NPK with Organic Carbon and Trace elements!

Direction for Use

For Vegetables: use 1 Litres in 200 Litres of water for Foliar application. Use 2 Litres per Acre for Drip irrigation or soil drenching in sufficient amount of water. Repeat application at an interval of 4 to 5 days and apply minimum 10 litres at one stage. For Horticulture Crops: Use 2 – 5 Litres / Acre via Drip irrigation/drenching near ROOT Zone. Repeat application at an interval of 4 to 5 days and apply minimum 20 litres at one stage.


Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and heat.


Keep away from children.



Moisture (max)

Total Organic Carbon (On dry basis) (min)

Total N, P2O , K2O (On dry basis) (min)

C:N< 20 (min)

Zinc as Zn (on dry basis) (min)


90-97 % w/w

14 % w/w

1.2% w/w


1000 mg/kg



Conductivity (as DSM-1)

Chromium (as Cr) (on dry basis)

Copper (as Cu) (on dry basis)

Cadmium (as Cd) (on dry basis)


6.5 to 8

< 4

50 mg/kg

300 mg/kg

5 mg/kg


Arsenic (as As O ) (on dry basis)

Mercury (as Hg) (on dry basis)

Lead (as Pb) 50 (on dry basis)


10 mg/kg

0.15 mg/kg

50 mg/kg

Stage wise Recommended Application

Agrigold-52 (2-5 Litres)


Interval in Stage to apply

1st Application via Drip

Seedling Stage

2nd Week after Transplanting / Bud Burst

2nd Application via Drip

Flowering Bloom

1st Week of Full Bloom

3rd Application via Drip

Flowering Bloom

Repeat application after 4-5 days

4th Application via Drip

Flowering Bloom

Repeat application after 4-5 days

5th Application via Drip

Fruit Setting

2nd Week - after Agrigold-61

6th Application via Drip

Fruit Setting

4-5 Days after 5th Application

7th Application via Drip

Fruit Setting

3rd Week of Fruit Setting of Sizing


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