Adjuvant - 80

Adjuvant 80 is a universal sticker spreader that can be used along with foliar applications to reduce the agrochemical consumption and cost of application. It can also be applied through drip irrigation to increase the water holding capacity of the soil. It reduces the surface tension of Water thereby reducing the evaporation rate.

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Increases sticking, wetting
and spreading properties
of agrochemicals.

Increases the water
holding capacity when
applied in soil.

Increases rain fastness
of the spray solution.

Improves penetration of
the spray solution.

Reduces cost of

Direction for Use

Dilute 250 ml to 500 ml in 200 Liters of spray solution and apply through foliar application. For application through drip irrigation use 1 Liter per acre.


Emulsifiers and stabilizers and wetting agents.


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