Description: Yash Micro is a new age micronutrients supplement containing Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Zinc, Boron and other 60 micro- elements derived form sargasum kelp.

Benefits :

1) Yash Micro helps in correcting Micronutrients deficiencies in plants.

2) Increase plants resistance to heat, stress and wet weather.

3) It ensures better yields.

4) Prevent flower and fruit drop.

5)  Improves Quality of fruits.

Contents :

Micronutrients derived from Sargasum kelp

Unique Points :

1) Only Product that combines more than 60 Micronutrients.

2) Only Micronutrients that are obtained from Sargasum kelp.

3) Only Micronutrients that is certified organic.

4) Natural alternative to chemical micronutrient supplements.

Direction for Use :

Foliar Application: Yash Micro should be diluted @ of 500 ml to 1 Liter in 200 Liter of water and foliar applied. Drip Application: 1 Liter of Yash Micro should be diluted @ in 200 Liter of water and applied in an acre.

Time of applications :

Yash Micro must be applied as per the below-mentioned stages

Growth stage – Flowering stage – Fruit stage -Fruit size