Vardaan Crop Special Granules


Vardaan Crop Special Granules

Organic Manure

VARDAAN is a crop special composition of Seaweed extract, Amino Acids and Proteins derived from Soya Protein that provides superior growth and overall development of the Crops. This unique formulation is designed to provide Crops with all essential nutrients and acts as a complete nutrition package. The beneficial effects of VARDAAN can be grouped according to effects on physical, chemical and microbiological properties of the soil, and effects on the physiological properties of the plant. Seaweed Extract in VARDAAN is made from highest quality seaweed, Aschophyllum Nosodum and Sargasum Kelp. The Seaweed in VARDAAN promotes overall growth of the plant and plays an important role in the reproductive process of the plant. It is known to increase plant resistance to heat stress, wet weather and temperature extremes. By maintaining proper levels of essential nutrients, the plant’s resistance to stress is increased. It is essential to ensure better yields, top quality Sugar Cane Crops of desirable size, as well as providing longer shelf life following harvest. Seaweed influences conversion of nitrogen and carbohydrates into more complex substances such as protein, affects the transfer of sugars within the plant, exerts marked influence on cell division, and aids in the formation of certain membranes. VARDAAN replenishes nutrition and promotes balanced growth.

and federal regulations.

VARDAAN should be applied directly to the soil any time during the growing cycle.

Soil Application:
Apply 5 Kg Per Acre. Apply by broadcasting in the soil.

Available types:
Sugarcane special,Vegetable special, All crop Special.