Description : SYDNEY is a Nano- Technology based Bio- Stimulant that helps in increasing the fruit Size, Colour, Shape and keeping Quality of the fruits.

Benefits :

1) Improves fruit size and shape.

2) Improves fruit colour and texture.

3) Improves weight and sweetness of fruits.

4) Improves keeping Quality of fruits.

5) Increases Yields in crops.

Unique Points:

1) Only product in Nano – Tocology with low dilution rates.

2) Ampoule packing to preserve the strength of the active ingredient.

3) Reduced Transport, Handling and storage cost.

4) Non-Toxic and Eco-friendly alternative to chemical products.

5) Broad-spectrum Activity can be used in all types of fruits.

Direction for Use :

Foliar Application : Dilute 2 ml of SYDNEY in 40 Litres. of water and spray on the fruits. In grapes dipping application can be used.For vegetable use 2ml/100ltrs of water.

Time of applications :

SYDNEY should be applied in following stages.

At the onset of flowering – Onset of fruiting – Bunch formation