Sucking Pest


Sucking Pest

Description: Sucking pests like Thrips, Mites, Jassids, Aphids cause huge losses to agricultural yields. These insects suck away the green fluids from the leaves and many times infecting them with Virus. The insects hamper the growth of the plants and lead to decrease in agricultural profit. Tiger is a one shot solution to control these insects without affecting the plants.

Benefits :

1) Broad spectrum activity – controls all sucking pests

2) Contact, systemic and translaminar action

3) Effective in any life cycle of the insect

4) Longer residual control from the insects

5) Preventive as well as Curative Application

Unique Points :

1) New molecule that is effective for all sucking pests

2) Only product available in India currently

3) Cost effective to farmers as one product does all

4) Contains Bio-Stimulants that helps plants to recover faster

5) Knock down action product

Available doses in ampoule packing – 50ml/acre

Available packing :

5ml ampoule,10ml ampoule,25ml ampoule

Time of applications :

Preventive Application: Should be applied during the flowering and fruiting stages

Curative application: Use immediately on detection of the infestation