Stem Rich

Stem Rich

World’s one and only Stem Cell-based product for Agriculture, in India!
Sunraysia has developed stem cell technology for increasing efficacy of plants, in terms of increasing growth, disease resistance and stress tolerance and food production capacity.

Stem Rich is an innovative product based on this technology. Plant cells can get affected due to environmental stress which may result in premature cell death affecting overall plant’s physiological functions and affecting tie overall growth of the plant.

Stem Rich being rich in phytohormones optimally replaces the affected cells and rejuvenate the plant’s physiological function.


1. The stem cells provided by Stem Rich will replace the dead or affected cells in the plant system, thereby saving a lot of plant energy and promoting vigorous growth, optimize yield potential.

2. Stem Rich increases the yield capacity of plants.

3. Stem Rich introduces the new healthier cells into the plant system, the plant is less susceptible to attack from fungal. bacterial and viral diseases.

4. Stem Rich helps a plant to recuperate faster from diseases thereby saving production loss and increasing yield.

Dose and Method of Application:
Dose: 10 ml/ 75 liters of water or for 1/2 Acre.