Dilution: 1ml per litre
How Does Squeaky Work?Squeaky uses natural cleaners to break up the wax, soil and
agricultural chemicals on fruits and vegetables, so that it can be easily and safely rinsed

Why should I use Squeaky?

Modern produce is kept healthy, bountiful and fresh by a variety of agricultural chemicals and waxes. If not properly removed, these chemicals can create both known and unknown health risks. In addition to agricultural substances, Fruits & Vegetables even carry the ‘Fingerprints’ of multiple people who may have handled it till it
reaches you. Squeaky safely and effectively removes wax, chemicals, ‘Fngerprints’ and soil – leaving behind only fresh, delicious produce.

Why is Squeaky better than just water?

Most agricultural chemicals and waxes are designed to be waterproof, so that rain and irrigation do not wash them away. Water alone does not penetrate or remove these substances. Which vegetables and fruits can be cleaned with Squeaky? Squeaky is designed for use on nearly all types of produce, including rm items such as apples and carrots, and softer items like leafy greens, and grapes. If I am going to peel an item before eating, I don’t need to wash the outer skin, right? No. Unwanted substances, like chemicals and soil, can be carried through the skin of the fruit on the surface of knives, peelers, and other utensils. To ensure safe eating, always wash oranges, lemons, potatoes, watermelons, and cantaloupes with Squeaky before peeling or slicing.

What is the best way to dilute Squeaky?

For cleaning Fruits & Vegetables, we recommend diluting Squeaky with water and swishing the produce around in the mixture before rinsing. Use Squeaky as per the dilution given.

When should I clean my produce?

Clean your produce as soon as you buy / bring them to your kitchen, as this also increases the shelf life of the Fruits & Vegetables. While removing pesticides and harmful chemicals, Squeaky also removes the substances, like
wax, used to keep produce fresh for longer.

Will Squeaky add fat or calories to my food?

Squeaky does not add calories, fat, or nutrients to your food.If my fruits and vegetables taste or look funny after using Squeaky, is this dangerous? No. Neither the natural aging of produce nor the residue of Squeaky is
harmful. It may affect the taste of your food if not rinsed properly, but it will not harm you.

What do you mean when you say that Squeaky is all natural?

Squeaky is made from ingredients naturally derived from coconut, lemon extracts citric acid, sorbitol, aqua.
Is Squeaky toxic if consumed? Not recommended for consumption.

Does Squeaky have an expiration date? How long will it last?

It lasts at full potency for approximately 2 years from mfg. date.

Does Squeaky need to be refrigerated?

No. Keep Squeaky handy, near your kitchen sink.

Can Squeaky solution be used multiple times?

Single use is recommended, as it may carry particles of the previous wash. Can overdose lead to side effects? No known side effects, but we recommend usage as per dilution & directions.

What if swallowed?

Please keep Squeaky out of children’s reach. Squeaky is meant to be used as a cleaning solution and is not for consumption. In case swallowed Squeaky, please consult the doctor immediately.

Why not clean vegetables and fruits with an ordinary soap?

Most of the soaps contain phosphates, which are harmful for consumption. Also, every product has a special cleaning agent for it, as per its requirements. Similarly Squeaky is crafted for Fruits & Vegetables. We buy Organic Food, then why do we need Squeaky? Organic produce ensures that they comply with the pesticide residue levels (so may be the pesticide is out) but they contain residues of fertilizers and trace elements.

Which items should NOT be cleaned with Squeaky?

Mushrooms not recommended, as they are spongy.