Roots-Rooting Hormone

Roots-Rooting Hormone

Roots-Rooting Hormone is the highest concentrated Humic available. It contains Humic acid along with fulvic, boron and seaweed. Roots provides organic matter, Humic acid and Fulvic acid, and Enzymes, Amino acids, Auxins, and Micro Nutrients in a natural, controlled release form which are derived from Seaweed. Roots is an eco-friendly organic soil nutrient tablet formulation which provides excellent plant nutrition & growth promotion for Horticulture, oilseeds, cereals, pulses, cotton,Vegetables, plantation, field crops etc. Roots is specially designed for soil application which easily blends with native soil and other materials to provide improved soil Cationic Exchange Capacity for all round the year. Roots may be applied to the soil through drip irrigation, flood irrigation or drenching.


1. Promotes seed germination in a shorter time.
2. Has a nature, which assists in soil wetting.
3. Promotes soil structure improvement by stimulating fungi to create a crumb structure for better water and oxygen intake and improved root penetration
4. Non-toxic – microbe-friendly
5. Buffering against fertilizers leaching through soil •Increased seedling vigor
6. Increased drought tolerance
7. Buffering against high fertilizer salts and pH changes
8. Healthy root development
9. Helps in increasing yields.
10. Reduces transplant shock

Time of applications :

Roots can be applied at any time during the crop life cycle. It will offer immense benefits in improving Soil and crop Quality if regularly used at an interval of 15 days.
Dilution: Roots must be diluted 30 Tablets / 200 ltrs of water.