Nutrifluid 10000 PPM

Nutrifluid 10000 PPM

Description: Plants require more than copious amounts of NPK to sustain growth. Nutrifluid is a broad-spectrum, super concentrated plant growth stimulant for use in agriculture, horticulture and floriculture. Nutrifluid can be used alone or in conjunction with chemical inputs in any Standard Crop Management Program and is effective when soil or foliar applied. Nutrifluid offers significant benefits for farmers and gardeners who practice high input – high yield agriculture.

Benefits: Increasing nutrient availability, Biological nitrogen fixation, Suppressing plant pathogens, Stimulating root development, Stimulating indigenous biomass, Reducing soil compaction, Promoting ecological balance in the soil, Soil restoration, Improving photosynthetic efficiency. Nutrifluid can improve soil porosity, drainage and aeration and reduce compaction. In addition, it can improve the water holding capacity of the soil thereby helping plants resist drought and produce better crops in reduced moisture conditions.

Compatibility: Nutrifluid is compatible with most insecticides, fungicides and synthetic fertilizers.

Method of Application: Nutrifluid has proven to be effective on a wide variety of crops and can be applied pre-emergent as well as post-emergent using standard application techniques. These include (1) aerial and ground spraying, (2) direct injection into irrigation water, (both ground and sprinkler systems), (3) fogging, (4) fertigation, (5) hydroponics and (4) foliar feeding.

Dilution: Nutrifluid is fully water-soluble and must be diluted in water at a dilution rate of 1000ml in 200 ltrs of water. i.e. 5 ml/Ltr of water. Apply as a fine mist until foliage is wet – For best results, apply when the plant is cool – Do not apply immediately before or after rainfall or sprinkler irrigation or when the plant is under stress. Application rate: For Foliar application 1000ml / Acre. For Soil application through Drip, Apply 2 Liters / Acre in an interval of 20-30 days and with each application being 2 ltrs at a time and interval of 3 to 4 days between each application.

Grades available :- 19-19-19,00-52-34,12-61-00,00-00-50,18-46-00,13-00-46,12-32-16,