Nitrogen Booster


Nitrogen Booster

Nitro Boost tablet provides Nitrogen to plants which help in growth. It contains Nitrobenzene and low molecular weight peptides that act synergistically to catalyze growth process and to support the metabolism of the plants. The unique formulation of the tablet when diluted in water and sprayed on the plant, is absorbed by the leaves quickly and efficiently without scorching.


1. 1. Nitrogen is a component of Chlorophyll, therefore, essential for photosynthesis in plants
2. Helps in uptake of other essential nutrients
3. Nitro-Boost helps in new shoot formation and rapid growth of the plant, makes the plant dense
4. Helps in increasing greening of the plants
5. Nitro-Boost makes up the loss of Nitrogen due to various factors
6. It helps in increasing female flowering, thereby more fruit formation which gives better yield


Nitrogen Booster Consortium : 25%
Effervescence Formula & Stabilizing agent : 75%
Total : 100%

Time of applications :

Nitro-Boost can be used as a foliar spray at all growth stages of plants. Apply with fine mist sprayer until foliage is slightly damp. Apply every 2-3 weeks or as needed.


Nitro Boost Tablets must be diluted at 40 Tablets / 200 ltrs of water/ per Acre