Inoculation of all types of seeds is now a standard practice. Alfalfa, clover, soybean, dry beans, corn, wheat, and other crops are also being recognized as responding to inoculation treatment. The need for seed treatment has resulted from the detrimental effects to soil that have been caused by modern farming practices. These practices have caused low microbial counts, reduced organic matter, trace mineral deficiencies and compaction.

Nexus is the most advanced seed treatment available. It deals with most major soil problems or deficiencies on a direct basis. Nexus creates a near perfect medium around the seed that has all the elements necessary for breaking dormancy and stimulating germination: carbon, organic acids, micronutrients, vitamins, humates, hormones and enzymes. All these ingredients mean faster and better germination, improved seedling survival, increased nodulation, and therefore, higher yields. With the high cost of seed, you can’t afford to plant without the security and benefits offered by Nexus.


Enhanced Germination
Seedling vigour
Early roots development
Stand uniformity & development
Stress tolerance


To be applied to seed just before planting .Dissolve 1 tablet in 1 ltr of water and soak the seeds in the solution ,sun dry the seeds in early morning sunlight and sow.