Microsulf Pro Tablet

Microsulf Pro Tablet

Microsulf Pro tablet provides water soluble Sulphur hence it is immediately available to the plants. The extra small particle size of the Sulphur in Microsulf is created by double extraction process. The elemental Sulhur in Microsulf is derived from Kelp species of Seaweed and Onion extracts. Sulhur is an important nutrient for crop production and is classified as a secondary element ranking alongside of Magnesium and Calcium in importance. Sulphur is recognised as one of the major nutrients essential for plant growth, root nodule formation of legumes and plant protection mechanisms. No living organisms including plants can survive without consistent supply of Sulphur. It is required for two major reasons; it is the enzyme activator necessary for the plant to induct Nitrogen and it is essential for protein synthesis. It is essential that plants be kept supplied Sulhpur throught the growing season.


1) Provides Sulphur which is essential plant nutrient for plant growth
2) Helps in root nodule formation
3) It acts as an insecticide and fungicide
4) Helps in removal of unwanted salts from the soil

Time of applications :

Microsulf Pro can be applied during growth stages as foliar application and also by root application.
Apply as required to correct Sulphur deficiencies or as a fungicide or acaricide. Apply with a fine mist sprayer until foliage is slightly damp. Soil application can be done through drip or flood irrigation.

Dose and Dilution

Microsulf Pro tablet must be diluted 30 Tablets / 200 ltrs of water.