Micron-Micro Nutrient

Micron-Micro Nutrient

Micron tablet is rich in full spectrum of chelated micronutrients viz. Iron, Copper, Zinc, etc. Naturally available from Sargasum kelp and Aschophyllum nosodum. They are available in organic form making it easier to uptake for the plants. It is designed to prevent most micronutrient deficiencies before they occur and correct pre-existing deficiencies as indicated by plant leaf analysis and soil tests. By maintaining proper levels of micronutrients, plant’s resistance to stress is increased.


1. 1. Fulfils micronutrient deficiencies in plants
2. Increases plant resistance to heat, stress and adverse weather
3. Prevents flower and fruit drops
4. Improves quality of fruits and provides longer shelf-life post harvest
5. Increases yield


Micronutrients Consortium : 33%
Effervescence Formula and stabilising agents : 57%
Total : 100%

Time of applications :

It can be applied at all growth stages of plants. Apply at every 3-8 weeks or as needed.
Apply as required to correct micronutrient deficiencies.
Apply as foliar application in the form of fine mist until foliar is slightly damp. Or apply as drenching near root zone of each plant.


: Dilute 40 Tablets / 200 ltrs of water/Acre.
Dose may be changed depending upon the micronutrient deficiency and growth stages of plant.