Micro Sulf


Micro Sulf

Sulfur is an important nutrient for crop production because of which it is classified as the secondary nutrient. Sulfur is important to plants for two major reasons, it is the enzyme activator necessary for the plants to induct nitrogen and secondly for the protein synthesis. It is important that the plants be supplied with sulfur throughout the growing season.

Benefits :

  • Provides Sulfur which is an important secondary nutrient
  • Has fungicidal and insecticidal properties
  • Essential element for plant growth
  • Helps in ROOT Nodule formation
  • Helps in removal of unwanted salts from the soil

Uniqueness :

  • Liquid formula helps in better solubility of Sulfur
  • Better absorption than the powder
  • Sulfur derived from organic sources
  • Highest amount of Sulfur available in liquid formula
  • Only formula that can be foliar applied as well as applied through Drip.


Foliar Application: Dilute 1 Ltr of Microsulf Gold in 200 Ltrs of water and spray on the crops. Apply early mornings or late evenings. Do not mix any other product with Microsulf Gold

Drip irrigation: Dilute 1 – 2 Ltrs of Microsulf gold in 200 ltrs of water and apply through drip. Repeat dose every 15-20 days from better results.

Time of application:

Sulfur can be applied at any stages of the plants life cycle. Repeat dose at an interval of 15-20 days.