Formula 1-Flowering Tablet

Formula 1-Flowering Tablet


Formula 1-Flowering is a special blend of Concentrated Cytokines, Gibbrellins, Proteins and Micro elements that are known to promote overall growth of the plant and plays an important role in the reproductive process of the plant. Formula 1 ensures better yields and top quality crops of desirable size, as well as providing longer shelf life following harvest. It is formulated for use on all crops to give unequalled results. Formula 1 replenishes nutrition, promotes balanced growth, and increases flowering and fruit bearing capacity of plant and enhances production.


1. Triggers Senesces.
2. Promote balanced growth and overall health of the plant.
3. Promotes Cell division in plants,
4. Increases female flowering and fruit bearing capacity of plants.
5. Shows considerable increase in yields, Plays an important role in pollen tube germination formation, metabolism and hormone activity.
6. Improved fruit set and reduced fruit drop.

Time of applications :

Formula 1 should be applied in following life stages-
4 leaf stage,Initiation of flowering,After fruit setting

Dilution: Formula 1 must be diluted at 10 Tablets / 200 ltrs of water.