Chewing pest

Chewing pest

Description: Every year huge crops are lost due to the pests known as caterpillars. There are many types of caterpillars like, Diamond Back Moth, Heliothis, Spodoptera, Pod Borer, Looper, and Lepidoptera and so on. These pests chew the leaves of the plants and cause a serious damage to the plants, reducing the yields, quality of the produce and cause heavy loss to the farmers. Sure Shot is a one shot solution for this problem.

Benefits :

  1. Enzo controls all types of caterpillars.
  2. Contact, Systemic, translaminar Action.
  3. Kills Larvae in any stage of the life cycle.
  4. Offers Knock Down action.

Contents :

Plant Extracts and Karanj Oil

Unique Points:

1) Concentrated Formula for reducing cost

3) Only product that controls all chewing pests

4) Contains Karanj oil that acts as a Ovicide

5) Offers longer lasting control from the pest

Direction for Use :

Foliar application: For control of Nematodes drenching should be done.

Available doses in ampoule packing – 50ml/acre

Available packing :

5ml ampoule,10ml ampoule,25ml ampoule

Time of applications :

Apply when the Pest infestation is detected.