Description : Cytocell is a unique combination of Naturally ocurring Cytokines. It is a class of nutrient that promotes the lateral growth of the plants. It also used for increasing the length of bunch in Grapes. While the main purpose is to stop the shoot growth and divert plants energy to flowering and fruiting.

Benefits :

1) Promotes cell division.

2) Very effective for elongation of Bunches.

3) Promotes lateral growth in plants.

4) Effective for stopping the shoot growth.

5) Helps in improving fruit size and length.

Unique Points:

1) Patented packing, only product in the market.

2) Highly concentrated only 10 ml for 200 liter of water.

3) Packed in Ampoule pack for longer lasting power.

4) Reduced Transport, Storage and handling cost.

5) Non-Toxic and Eco-Friendly alternative to chemical products.

Direction for Use :

Foliar Application: Dilute 10 ml of Cytocell in 200 Ltrs of water and apply on plants.

Time of applications :

Cytocell shall be applied in following stages.

At the onset of flowering – Onset of fruiting – Bunch formation