Fruit Shoot & Root Borer


Fruit Shoot & Root Borer

Description: Sugarcane, Brinjal, paddy and many fruits are infested with fruit borers, shoot borers and stem borers. Once infested with the pest they create holes in the produce and the produce cannot be sold. Cobra is a new chemistry product for control of the borers and stops the damage with knock-down results.

Benefits :

1) Knock down results

2) Preventive as well as curative application

3) Controls Stem Borers and Fruit Borers

4) Residual control to spread the infestation

5) Contact and Systemic action to kill the larvae in the fruit.

Unique Points :

1) One of the very few products to control the borers.

3) Higher concentration for reducing transport and handling cost due to use of Nano – Technology.

4) Can be foliar applied as well as applied through drip irrigation.

5) Also useful for control of thrips, mites and leafminers.

Available doses in ampoule packing – 50 ml/acre

Available packing :

5ml ampoule,10ml ampoule,25ml ampoule

Time of applications :

Apply as soon as Infestation is detected.