Calcimax Pro Tablet


Calcimax Pro Tablet

Calcimax Pro tablet contains chelated Calcium salt which is freely soluble in water and is easily available to the plants. Calcium plays a very active part in the uptake of water and nutrients by neutralizing organic acids in the plant. Calcium protects the plant by acting as a buffer against stress caused by soil toxicity or extreme acidity or alkalinity. Calcium also makes nutrient available to the plant for higher energy. For continued healthy growth, a readily available supply of Calcium is essential at the plant roots. It is known that Calcium deficiencies are more prevalent and usually show up at the time of fruiting. Calcimax is completely available and absorbed by the leaf surface and the root system.


1) It helps in preventing calcium deficiency and reduces stress levels
2) It aids in preventing physiological disorders and promotes healthy growth
3) Increases water and nutrient uptake in plants
4) Enhances fruit setting and fruit bearing capacity
5) Enhances fruit firmness and shelf-life


Calcium booster consortium : 24%
Effervescence Formula and stabilizing agents : 76%
Total : 100%

Time of applications :

Calcimax Pro can be applied at the below mentioned stages;
Growth Stage – Flowering Stage – Fruiting Stage.
It can be applied as foliar spray and also by root application when needed.
Dilution: Calcimax Pro tablet must be diluted 40 Tablets / 200 ltrs of water.