BOSS-Growth Hormone-Tablet

BOSS-Growth Hormone-Tablet


BOSS is an invention from Sunraysia that is based on Biomimetic and nano-Technology. It is derived from Soya which is natural. Using a unique process the proteins and amino acids in Soya are extracted and concentrated at a very high level. BOSS has emerged to be a broad spectrum plant nutrient. This breakthrough technology product gives maximum results by using juts 1 tablet per knapsack sprayer (for 15 litres of water) owing to the Nano-Technology use.


1. Increases photosynthesis activity
2. Increases plant resistance capacity
3. Promotes vigorous growth of the plant
4. Promotes cell division
5. Promotes seedling growth
6. Promotes new shoot growth
“BOSS” shows excellent results in increasing the yields in various crops.

Use Direction:

Use 1 BOSS tablet in 15 litre of Water foliar application. 10 tabs per in 200 litres of water/acre
For Soil application, use 10 Tablets /acre.

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