Borex-Boron Supplement Tablet

Borex-Boron Supplement Tablet


Borex-Boron tablet provides plants a highly soluble, stable, readily available form of Boron. Boron is non-mobile in most plant species and only moderately phloem mobile in others. For this reason it is important to supply plants with adequate amount of Boron throughout the growing season. Boron enters the xylem and is transported to the growing (cell dividing) regions of the plant where it is incorporated into leaf and fruit tissues and also used in the process of carbohydrate conversion.


1. It enhances reproductive process in plants
2. Strengthens junction between fruit and stem
3. Helps in pollen tube formation
4. Increases plant metabolism
5. Helps in conversion of Nitrogen
6. Strengthens junction between fruit and stem during fruit formation allowing full growth of fruits
7. Reduces fruit splitting, increases keeping quality of fruits

Boron Supplement : 24%
Bioenzymes : 12%
Effervescence formula and Stabilizers : 76%
Total : 100%

Time of applications :

Can be applied as a foliar spray at all growth stages and also during fruiting.
Dose: Borex-Boron Tablets must be diluted at 40 Tablets / 200 ltrs of water per acre.