Boran Shakti


Boran Shakti

Boron Shakti is an Organic Manure containing high amounts of nutritional Boron. It provides plants a highly soluble, stable, readily available form of boron. Boron is required for all plant growth and plays an important role in the reproductive process of the plant. Boron also influences conversion of nitrogen and carbohydrates into more complex substances such as protein, affects the transfer of sugars within the plant, exerts marked influence on cell division, and aids in the formation of certain membranes. Boron is non-mobile in most plant species and only moderately phloem mobile in others. For this reason it is important to supply plants with adequate amount of boron throughout the growing season. Boron enters the xylem and is transported to the growing (cell dividing) regions of the plant where it is incorporated into leaf or fruit tissue or used in the process of carbohydrate conversion. Boron plays a key role in cellular integrity, providing a key component to the mortar, so to speak, between cells.

Advantages of NUTRI BORON:

1) 20% Boron -Highest liquid form available Completely soluble.

2) Easy to use liquid formula.

3) Completely non phytotoxic when applied at the labeled rate.

4) Plays an important role in flowering, pollen tube germination formation, metabolism and hormone activity.

5) Strengthens junction between fruit and stem during fruit formation allowing full growth potential to be achieved.

6) Reduces fruit “splitting” and ensures fruit skin is tougher. Improves transportability and keeping quality, increasing shelf life.


Mix 250 ml of Boron Shakti with 200 ltrs. of water and apply as a fine mist spray on the foliage and fruits. Spray foliage until slightly damp.