Description: Armolin is a unique formula specially prepared to target and cure virus affected plants. Armour is known to cure viruses in Tomatoes, Chillies, Capsicum, Papaya and Okra, Cotton, Tobacco, Opium and Spices. It also helps the plants to rejuvenate from the infection and regain its vigour.

Benefits :

1) Provides control from a wide range of Viruses

2) Can be used for preventive and curative application

3) Immediate results, plants  recover within 3-4 days

4) Being Herbal there are no side effects to the plants

5) Provides nutrients to plants to recover from the damage

Contents :

Herbal extracts and nano-particles of hormones

Unique Points :

1) Only anti-virus product in the world

2) Stops the spread of Virus immediately to other plants

3) Non-Toxic , eco friendly and Organic Certified

4) Only product with curative action

5) Immediate translocation from the leaves to affected parts.

Direction for Use:

Foliar application: 250 ml to 500 ml of Armolin in 200 litres of water and spray per acre. Adjust the dose depending upon the amount of infestation. Repeat the dose after 4-5 days for complete coverage. Drip Application:  500 ml of Armour in 200 Litres of water for drip irrigation.

Time of applications:

Armolin applied as a preventive spray and a curative application. Preventive application: It should be sprayed when there is infestation of sucking pests in the crop to stop the Vector from transmitting the Virus.