Amino Gold


Amino Gold

Description: Amino Gold is a unique combination of essential Amino Acids. Plants require Amino Acids for photosynthesis and production of carbohydrates that are essential for plant functions. Being 100% Natural,  Amino Gold easily integrates with plants metabolism.

Benefits :

1)  Amino  Gold promotes New cell formation.

2) It promotes flowering in plants.

3) It plays an important role in fruit setting.

4) It increases the quality of fruit and their sugar content.

5) Plays an important role in chlorophyll formation.

Unique Points :

1) Amino Gold combines all the essential Amino Acids in one product.

2) It is organically processed and extracted.

3) Non- Toxic and Eco friendly.

4) It has highest concentration of free Amino Acids.

5) It also has Bio-stimulants that are not present in other Amino Acids.

Direction for Use :

Foliar Application : Amino Gold should be diluted @ of 500 ml-1 liter in 200 liters of water depending upon the size crop. Drip Application : 1liter of Amino -50 Gold should be diluted in 200 liters of water & applied through Drip irrigation per acre.

Time of applications :

Amino Gold  applied during the below mentioned stages.

At the beginning of Flowering stage-Full bloom stage-Fruit setting stage-Fruit size increase stage-15-20 days before harvest.