Amino Advance

Amino Advance

Amino Gold tablet provides Amino acids which are necessary components in many processes in the plant, among them the photosynthesis which produces carbohydrates necessary for plant growth. All plants are capable of synthesizing Amino acids but it is a complex and energy demanding process. The application of Amino acids to plants therefore allows for energy saving and improved plant development during the critical stages of a plant’s life cycle when it requires abundant amounts of these protein structures.


1. Amino Gold promotes plant development during critical growth stages
2. Amino Gold increases concentration of chlorophyll in plant which leads to increase in photosynthesis.
3. Flowering is stimulated which leads to better fruit setting, size and colouration of fruits.
4. Increase in sugar content in fruits.
5. It helps to increase crop yield and quality.

Time of applications :

Can be applied as a foliar spray at all growth stages and also during fruiting.

Dose: Amino Gold Tablets must be diluted at 30 Tablets / 200 ltrs of water.
Always spray during the cooler and more humid parts of the day.