Algen-Seaweed Nutrient Tablet

Algen-Seaweed Nutrient Tablet


Algen-Seaweed Nutrient is made from 100% pure, organic Green kelp and Ecklonia Maxima, which is harvested from African coast. It is a rich natural source of over 60 minerals and 24 other nutrients that are beneficial for all functions of the plants.

Benefits :

1) Enhanced seed germination
2) Promotion of a healthy root system
3) Abundant produce
4) Stronger resistance to disease
5) Rapid stem and shoot development
6) Contains maximum amount of nutrients as compared to other products
7) High concentration of Nutrients
8) Non Toxic, Eco-friendly and Natural

Time of applications :

Algen should be applied at the below mentioned stages;
Seed Treatment – 4 Leaf Stage – Growth Stage – Flowering Stage – Fruiting Stage.

Dilution: Algen must be diluted 30 Tablets / 200 ltrs of water.