Agrigold 10000 PPM

Agrigold 10000 PPM

Agrigold is high grade Organic Manure containing 10000 ppm of Macro nutrients and trace elements. This High grade organic manure is beneficial for all crops. It increases microbial activity in soil, improve soil structure, Enhances produce quality, Enhances crop yield and enhance the root development of plants.

Organic Manure is responsible for providing essential nutrients to plants and it helps in the process of photosynthesis and food production in plants. A steady supply of Organic manure ensures that the plants have greater vitality and increases stress resistance capacity. It improves the overall quality of the produce and offers better yields.

Dose : foliar application 1 litre / acre through drip, apply 2 litre / acre in an interval of 15 to 20 days.

Stages : As per grades it can be used in following stages.
Seedling Stage-Trasplanting stage-Growth Stage-Flowering Stage-Fruit Setting Stage-Fruiting Stage

Grades available :- 19-19-19,00-52-34,12-61-00,00-00-50,18-46-00,13-00-46,12-32-16,