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Director Message

How are your everyday cleaning products treating you?
Every day we use cleaning products which are chemical based containing harmful elements and fake colours. That’s why using organic products has a advantage over chemical based products. Traditional cleaning products contain a huge number of ingredients. The manufacturers have created hundreds of products with a complex mixture of chemicals. It is inevitable that the more you are exposed to chemical cleaning products, the higher your chance of experiencing problems such as skin irritation and feeling unwell. Harmful cleaning mixtures and air fresheners will accumulate and build up over time on your carpets, furniture, and curtains causing a lot of health hazards.
A recent study by the University of Bergen, Norway found that people who use harsh modern cleaning products are at greater risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases, which includes condition such as Bronchitis and Emphysema. It is time that we become more aware of the harmful chemicals that we release in our environment. Is it really necessary to use these harsh chemicals and pollute the environment while risking the lives of our loved ones? Isn't it time that children are being taught how to Go Green in school by making small changes in products they use, while parents start questioning the harsh chemicals being used around their used home and offices. With our smarter generation, do we need proof to understand that something bright, blue, smell completely fake is probably not good for your health and the environment?

We have the option of Sunraysia's product range that is 100% organic, made from natural ingredients which are better to your health and the environment. Unlike chemical-based cleaners, Sunraysia's products do not contain toxic chemicals, volatile compounds that cause respiratory and dermatologist conditions.
The products are environment-friendly and 100% bio-degradable. You can contribute your part towards conserving the environment for future generations by switching to Sunraysia's biodegradable products.
We have a range of 100+ products ranging from Agriculture, Home care and Personal Care product Range.